12V Batteryless Charging System Patent Guide

Patents have been obtained in Japan and the United States for the device that supplies power to a time-coordinated charging system that is close to 100% and the battery knock-on. The Japanese registration number is "Patent No. 6896357" and the US registration number is "11715969".

See below for technical details.

"Ingenuity to supply power to the cooperative charging system for nearly 100% of the time"

"Battery Wake Up"

Here is my registration certificate.
Patent No6896357
US Patent No11715969

We would like to inform you about the license conditions for this patent presented by us.

License fee ... 1.0% of the shipping amount
Contract fee: 50,000 yen

License fee ... 0.8% of the shipping amount
Contract fee: free of charge

If you use either the Japanese patent or the US patent, the fee will be the same if you use both.

The corporation to which the supporter belongs will also be licensed under the same conditions as the supporter, but the parent company and affiliated company of the corporation to which the supporter belongs will not be eligible.  In addition, we will pay 10% (*1) of the amount of damages and the license fee obtained through negotiations to those who have found a patent infringer and who provide influential information. We will also pay 10% (*2) of the license fee to those who introduce us to those who sign a license agreement. However, *1 and *2 will be 10% in total.  Even if there are multiple people who have found a patent infringer, provided information, or introduced a license agreement, the total will be 10%. note that. "I have the Intellectual Property Management Skill Test Level 2." However, we may not be able to provide consultations on legal matters related to intellectual property, as this is a patent attorney's exclusive business. The general license fee market is 3-5% of the shipping amount. "Therefore, the license fee we offer is exceptional." "Please take this opportunity to consider a license agreement." In addition, supporters, those who purchased the printed circuit board from us in a legitimate way, and those who received the printed circuit board from us as a gift can use it without paying the license fee. "This is called exhaustion theory." However, please note that the act of imitating this printed circuit board and creating your own printed circuit board constitutes a patent infringement act.  The conditions presented on this page may change in the future.
Patent No6896357
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